Resonance at Planet5
24. Sep 2020

We finally have a new home! After we had become homeless along with the onset of the first pandemic wave, we knew we were in for quite a tumultuous 2020. Since our #spreadthejam initiative and the outdoor jams of the last few weeks, we were able to also pay a visit at the Planet5 right by the Limmat. Finally one thing led to another and we are happy to announce that we are able to jam inside again starting in September!

25. Jul 2020

Swap instead of consuming! For a few years now, clothes are being bartered at the homely grounds of the Park Platz at the Letten in keeping with this motto. Whatever does not happen to get exchanged, is sure to make its way to the right person via relief organisations! Customarily, various local bands get to be the “Sound” in Swap&Sound. Its a pleasure again and again to contribute to this marvellous atmosphere as a jam club and to play music and improvise together with many other artists.

Photo by Mathis Dedial (@brathissimo)
Planet5 Sommerbar
24. Jul 2020

During the summer the Planet5 hosts their summer bar each Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sipping on cocktails and enjoying the sun right by the Limmat has to be the crème de la crème. In this setting, a number of smaller concerts also take place with our jam session not being an exception. Planet5 .icon { height: 1em; width: 1em; } .icon { height: 1em; width: 1em; } .

Outdoor Jams
12. Jun 2020

The weather's nice, the hair's looking fancy. All that's missing now is some live music. Quite fitting, since we've been jamming outdoors here and there this summer! You play an instrument? Feel free to jam along right away. You don't play an instrument? Feel free to join nonetheless as long as you aren't opposed to good music, good chats and one or the other cold one out in the green. We're looking forward to you in any case.

07. Apr 2020

It’s a concept. It’s a movement. A group of Jammers takes a stand against Corona’s rise to power. Spreading the jam is nothing new to Resonance. In a jam club it isn't unusual to witness a generous spreading of the jam, as if spread atop the baked-to-a-crisp participants and audience. Certainly, the best jam is the one you share with friends. But with the Coronavirus take-over it became somewhat of a concern whether one's jam might go bad due to reduced usage.

Blank Page at Longstreet
02. Mar 2020

After their prolific concert at the Niederdörfli it had to have been predestined for Blank Page to be the first band playing with us at Longstreet! You simply cannot get enough of their bold tunes and upbeat rythms. Another great evening leading into a jam. Stay tuned if you want to keep up to date with the crème de la crème of Zürcher Indie-Rock! – Heverton Souza Viana Blank Page .

VSUZH Impulsfabrik: Activity Fair
19. Feb 2020

Year after year, the VSUZH Impulsfabrik invites a wide range of clubs and student societies,who can then present themselves at the Activity Fair to other students in Lichthof of the University of Zürich. In February of 2019 and 2020 we were on site as well - instruments, stickers, a few committed members and some good mood in tow! Whether the Activity Fair will take place in its usual form in 2021 is still written in the stars.

Grätsche: Junges Theater Festival
15. Feb 2020

They're “young, somewhat wild and quite sexy” The Grätsche theater festival is supposed to fill a gap in the local theater landscape. It provides young creatives in theater an opportunity of exposure. In addition young, self-organizing and independent theater clubs are given a platform to present their work on, to network and to grow closer. It took place on 13.-16. February 2020 in the Dynamo, where we were able to contribute to this cause in the accompanying program!

URGA at Krebsgasse
14. Jan 2020

Old traditional songs, collected in Siberia and presented in a new manner. The two Russian born members of Urga managed to turn up the heat a little in our cellar at the Krebsgasse with their Siberian Folk-Rock in January! Interspersed by stories from their travels, their performance practically begged for one or the other Cossacks dance. URGA .icon { height: 1em; width: 1em; } .icon { height: 1em; width: 1em; }

b-sharp at Krebsgasse
10. Dec 2019

This talented jazz combo from Zürich really lives up to its name! Inspired by the sound of old hands like Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, the six piece formation writes and plays their compositions in a way that should excite jazz snobs as well as genre-newcomers. With a repertoire of complex rythms, captivating harmonies and extensive solos, b-sharp make for a magical atmosphere, where time appears to come to a standstill, inviting to be dwelled on.