07. Apr 2020

It’s a concept. It’s a movement. A group of Jammers takes a stand against Corona’s rise to power.

Spreading the jam is nothing new to Resonance. In a jam club it isn't unusual to witness a generous spreading of the jam, as if spread atop the baked-to-a-crisp participants and audience. Certainly, the best jam is the one you share with friends. But with the Coronavirus take-over it became somewhat of a concern whether one's jam might go bad due to reduced usage.

On 16.03.2020, however, an announcement came forth: It was our duty to fight for the freedom to jam! And thus we started organising and making ground online. Challenges, ideas and inspirations were presented on a weekly basis.

Songs about places

Songs, learned and recorded within the hour

Virtual Collaboration

Percussive interludes in the Kitchen

Guilty Pleasure Songs

And with that we were able to open, share and consume freshly-made jars of jam. We shared audio and video over all channels and quite a few were able to learn a new way to jam. Our community presented itself as a group of resilient melodic gourmets, who had now toughened up for a second wave, for the next crisis or just for the ever-impeding dystopian future;

With the know-how of spreading the jam, even from their bunkers.

Arthur Collins