Baskans at Krebsgasse
26. Nov 2019

It wasn't often that things got as heated as at the concert of the six piece crew Başkans. While our cellar-vault looked as if about to burst at its seams, the crowd was dancing to the Funk tunes of the more and less recent past. And for just an evening everybody was able to forget about the cold last days of November. – Brigitta Grimm

Open Mic Night Vol. 3
12. Nov 2019

You're looking to overcome your stage fright? Personal growth and the whole lot? And it should have something to do with music poetry, dance or some other shenanigans on stage? Our Open Mic has to be just the thing for you! Here you'll get the chance to let your creativity run wild in a comfortable environment of like-minded people. One more thing: Competition is out of the picture. We simply appreciate, celebrate and cheer on.

Blank Page at Krebsgasse
22. Oct 2019

A buch of guys with tons of energy and pretty fly lyrics: We're talkink about Blank Page, a three-piece indie band from Zürich! Their humorous performance is bound to wow pretty much anyone facing the stage. They even went as far as to initiate a jam session right after receiving a well-deserved round of appplause A selection of their songs can be found on Spotify (link below) and after hearing them you might agree with their take on their own lyrics as being “a musical rendition of the life of a sexually frustrated teenager” .

Rap Session
06. Apr 2019

Zürich, 06.04.2019 While the streets seem quite this Saturday, things are starting to bubble up in the underground. The first Resonance Rap Session took place in the Forum of the famous Jecklinhaus in collaboration with Sébi T. (Nikenda's Forum). An audience of over 100 members cheered on laFreshness, T20, Martín, OG, Poppa L, SOMBI3 und MCZwieback taking turns on the mic. The whole thing was accompanied by a few of our members, creating a new beat à la minute for every rapper - in classic Resonance fashion!

Christmas at Lungenfisch
15. Dec 2018

Oh, how joyfully; oh, how merrily / Christmas-jam comes with its grace divine! On 15.12.2018 we were able to ring in the holiday season at the Jecklinhaus. To that extent a few of our members brought a band project into being without further ado and opened up the evening with a festive little concert. Soon after (in the usual Resonance manner) everyone jammed so festively, to the point where one or the other angel may have been enticed to switch out their harp for a guitar!