23. Oct 2021

On Saturday October 10 2021 we were able to host our first concert night Consonance at Planet5.

We were lucky to have three of the most fresh and promising bands from Zürich with us.

Here we want to look back at all the short interviews we did and share some impressions of the amazing night we had at Consonance.

Definitely make sure to check out these bands and go show some support for your local artists!


Shtrigat (Albanian for “Witches”) let their voices melt into a sensual and authentic sound and will enchant you with their unmistakeable style.

Fräulein Luise

By landing the first place at the Band-it Fräulein Luise already proved that they know how to convince with their mix of Indie, Rock and Pop beyond any doubt. 🧦


Fjälla finishes off the night with the finest of their Multilingue Erotic Rock & Guitar Porn. ❤️