LIVE from Planet5: Four Disturbed Civilians

08. Apr 2021

Four Disturbed Civilians delivers a mix of Jazz, Funk and Fusion, spiced with electronic elements straight into your living room!

Their compositions are certain to catapult you into higher realms and have already helped the formation win the Band-It contest in 2015. Inspired by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Vulfpeck and Electro Deluxe, the have developed their own unmistakeable style.

Four Disturbed Civilians - four guys from the wider area around Zurich/Lucerne - tying good music back into the trifecta of “Jung, brutal, gutaussehend”!

As always on Twitch, this Thursday, 08.04.2021 at 8pm, live from Planet5! We're looking forward to Four Disturbed Civilians!

Four Disturbed Civilians